Certification course in Logistics

Why you should attend..?

  • Gain recognition in the field as a logistics expert
  • Build credibility and set yourself apart from peers
  • Learn latest trends in global supply chain logistics
  • Impact your organization’s bottom line
  • Demonstrate logistics mastery of knowledge

This training examines issues within the context of logistics. It will help in giving a new perspective to the traditional courses on logistics and will augment the courses on

CET Certification in Logistics course is a scientifically designed course which intends to impart the knowledge related to various aspects of Supply Chain Management. Academically, it prepares you for global degrees in Supply Chain Management from APICS CPIM, USA. This is an elaborate course in which the details of the supply chain, its elements, its dependencies and solution designs will be taught. This course will cover the basics of Supply chain, the factors that impact it, the tools that are used to improve its performance and inventory optimization. The attendees will be able to understand, design, develop and implement supply chain solutions after undergoing this course.

Logistics program can improve delegates understanding of foreign markets, through which much of the import and export activities take place in the supply chain, as well as how to measure the supply chain for the sake of management and optimization. In addition to supply chain management training, courses in management and customer service are valuable for delegates to continue their professional development.