Franchisee License Terms & Conditions

Franchise agreements in India are subject to the Contract Act, 1872 for general contract principles. The intellectual property rights are also protected under the Copyrights Act and Trademarks Act.

Terms and Conditions for availing the benefits of franchise of CET Skill Excellence as per 14th February 2018 governing the laws of India is written below.


CET Skill Excellence is an organization providing world class training & certification in different aspects of educational field such as Technical, Management, Safety & Interior designing and head office at 2nd Floor, Panampally Enclave, Provide junction, Kacherippady Ernakulam.

CADD Focuz (, CET Job Training ( are brands of CET Skill Excellence in specific areas of expertise.

Inorder to develop the skilling ecosystem CET Skill Excellence welcomes franchises from any entity. across India strictlly following the terms and conditions.

For the purpose of the document CET Skill Excellence will be referred hereinafter as “CETSE” or “Franchisor”.

Franchises Awarding Process

  • Any organisation who is willing to conduct training and aware of the risks, business and otherwise shall apply for the Franchise after paying the specified fees from time to time for fair use of CETSE properties to conduct courses at their premises.
  • Franchisee license will be granted after due verification for a period of 1 year.
  • An email will be sent to the Franchisee upon approval of the license and the date of email will be the effective date.

Franchisee Fees

  • Franchisee processing fees shall be paid to Franchisor as a one time fee and is non refundable.
  • Franchisee will have to paye 20% of the course fee collected to the Franchisor for the certification and online verification of candidates through

Training & Support

  • Training and Necessary support will be paid on payment of additional fees to Franchisor.
  • It is the sole description of the Franchisee to opt for the same

Brand Name, Signage and Copyright

  • Franchisor owns the trademark, signage, copyrights and the confidential information of the company.
  • Franchisee agreement does not grant relevant rights to the franchisees to use the intellectual property but also reserve the franchisor’s right to protect the infringement.

Modus-operandi of franchising

  • The franchisee must ensure the availability of all the technical and other necessary facilities that a franchisee needs to run the franchise successfully.
  • Training should be conducted as per the syllabus and standards laid out by CETSE from time to time.
  • Franchisor only gives support in the Certification of the candidates as per the trades.


  • Franchisee is authorised to give advertisement in print or digital media as per the fair policy usage of marks as indicated
  • Any unauthorized use will lead to legal action.

Franchise Inspection

  • Franchisor is permitted to conduct conduct surprise inspection at the Franchisee if required.
  • If inspection reveals that Franchisee gross sales have been understated by 5% or more for any Accounting Period, Franchisee shall immediately pay to Franchisor the cost of the audit and the share of fees.

Terms of renewal or termination of the franchise License

  • The initial agreement will be valid for 1 year unless specified.
  • Franchisee should renew the license by paying necessary fees every years.
  • Any franchisee who fails to renew the license, is deemed to be terminated.
  • Incase of the breach of terms and conditions, the contract will be terminated after mutual intimation .

Clarification of Laws

  • The franchisee are recommended to be very clear with all the provisions in order to avoid future disputes. 
  • Any clarification shall be given in writing to